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Dumb coaching in UCLA game

After watching last weeks game on my TIVO I’ve come to one conclusion:

We have dumb coaches.

Someone give me one logical reason to pull Ratliff when the score is 7-7 and he’s moving the ball quite well? We’re hanging in there, doing fine in the game.

As soon as we switch QB’s, Grady throws into double coverage and a freshman runs it in for a TD. The BIG MO was never the same.

I’m not saying we would have won that game had that not happened, but it certainly would have been a different outcome.

And we’re back

There was a major server crash that brought The Ute Blog to it’s knees. But like the Utes, we battled back. We battled the odds and overcame adversity. We conquered and we’re back! There may be a few minor pieces missing but the site is back online, just in time for the Utah/byu game and the beginning of basketball season!