Weekend preview

byu zoobies

So the zoobies have a tough game on their schedule at home this weekend: Eastern Illinois. This is a no win situation for the zoobies. They have to win by 50, just to stay even par. If this is a close game, or better, if they lose, it will be total chaos amongst the byu fans out there. And it will be another enjoyable week of listening to byu fans whining about their lousy football team on the local sports talk radio shows.

Utah vs Utah State

During the McBride years this game was frightening. Though we should have destroyed Utah State from a talent standpoint, we managed to lose that game a few times. In the Urban years this type of loss simply didn’t happen.

So this week will be a test of a different sort. Everyone knows we have more horses than USU, but do we have the brains and the coaching to use them correctly?

Go Utes!