The 18 game winning streak ends at TCU in OT

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to watch a ton of this game. I missed some completely and listened to much of it on the radio. It sounds to me like we were a little conservative on offense, and a bit porous on defense.

We ran the ball 80% of the time on 2nd down. The problem is that we didn’t get much on first down so we were calling running plays with 2nd and long? Sounds like a passing situation to me.

In the overtime there was an illegal pick which allowed TCU to score a TD to win the game. Too bad for the Utes. But if we’d held onto our 17-7 lead to begin with, that wouldn’t have happened.

TCU is apparently a condender in it’s new conference.

Ok, so we got the first road game and first loss under our belts. Lesson learned. We don’t have to worry about our 18 game winning streak any more. Lesson learned. Now lets go and play some great football the rest of the season.