This is a team unlike I have seen at Utah.
AKA Utah 67 Utah State 66


How about these guards eh? I have always been a Majerus fan, but the guards Giac has gotten and the style of play is something we would have NEVER seen with Rick. This brand of ball (especially tonight) was very exciting. We really are the Runnin’ Utes.

And Giac was INTO this game. He was fired up as hell.

We need some work on the turnovers though. If we turned over the ball less, we would have blown them out.

Another thing that needs work is our defense, especially in the paint. Langvad (yes I probably spelled it wrong) was just lost in the paint and got burned about 4-5 possesions in a row down low. Giac had to yank him because of it.

The crowd tonight was as loud as I’ve heard at THC for a long time. But what was with how loud the frigging Utah State fans were? There had to be more “enemy” fans in our place tonight than I’ve ever seen.

Great game, even if we would have lost.