Utes play some bad basketball in Colorado

Utes Fall On The Road To Colorado, 76-52

Man was this game ugly. The Utes started out the game with a 10-3 lead. That was the best it would look all day. After that Colorado went on a 30-6 run. Yes, 30-6.

By halftime the Utes had a grand total of….get this…16 points.

The Utes didn’t make much of a run in the 2nd half either. They got to within I think 12 but that was it.

About the only thing worse than the game itself was the play calling by Steve Brown and Pace Manion. Now I like Pace. I’ve met him before and he’s pretty cool. And I was lucky enough to watch him play in person through his carreer at Utah. But he’s about as dry and drab sounding a color announcer I’ve ever heard.