Fans leaving a 4 point game at 1:40

I was blown away when fans in my section started leaving the game at 1:40 to go and we were only down by 4 points. Why the hell do you come to the game in the first place? So you can leave early and beat the traffic?

As it turned out that last 1:40 was a nail-biter. Had we managed to pull off a victory or perhaps even make that last 3 and put it into overtime those lame fans who left would have been sorry.

I really never buy into the fan bashing and the stupid conversation about attendance, but this time I just couldn’t believe people leaving with 1:40 left. In basketball 1:40 is an eternity with fouls and time outs.

As far as the game goes I was amazed at how many poor descisions we made. Our passing stinks. Let’s just throw the ball away at the end of the game with lazy passes.

And I was really BLOWN away when there were 11 seconds to go. SDSU is up by 3 and trying to inbound the ball under their basket. We have no time outs and half our team has just wondered down to our own basket to presumably wait for SDSU to casually inbound the ball and run out the final 11 seconds. Giac was damn near at half court stomping his feet on the floor to get the attention of the players to run back to SDSU’s side to defend the inbound pass. That worked because SDSU had a 5 second call and we got one more chance to try and tie the game with a 3. But what the hell are they thinking? Pay attention to the game situation!

Utes lose 72-67.