Utes fall at home to UNLV

We’ve always seemed to start out the season a little shaky, even in the “glory” years. But game by game the Utes have always IMPROVED. By the time the conference season arrives we’re usually much more crisp, disciplined, attentive, intense etc. As fans we always knew we could count on our team to get better and better as the season progressed.

But this season really scares me because I haven’t seen ANY improvement. In fact, it seems to me like the team is getting worse. (or is it that the other teams are improving and we’re standing pat?) The players are lazily making terrible passes for TO’s. The defense is practically nonexistant. There is no intensity.

We used to pride ourselves on how great our defense was. Now we don’t have one. We used to LEAD THE FRIGGING COUNTRY in free throw percentage. Now we barely get above 50%. No one is defending you on free throws folks.

I’m becoming a Giac doubter big time and so are most of my Ute fan friends. We know our talent level isn’t as high as we’d want, but we’re not seeing the intensity and improvement that should be happening. I believe that is mostly due to coaching. I hope I’m wrong.

Last nights game was about as low of a point as I’ve ever seen our BBall team in. For hell’s sake with 10:02 to go in the game PEOPLE WERE LEAVING. Is this a case of “it has to get worse to get better?” What about recruiting for the next year or two? It could get worse.