Guess who filled in on drums with the Ute band last night?

We get to the basketball game and something sounded strange with the Ute band. No drummer. After they played a couple of tunes which didn’t sound too great, I walked over and introduced myself to the band director Eric Peterson. I asked “do you need a drummer?” And he said “do you know how to play?” I told him I’d been playing for over 35 years and he said “oh you can REALLY PLAY? Go for it.”

So I played the rest of the night with the band. Pardon me tooting my own horn (pun intended), but I kicked ass and didn’t miss a note. It helps to be a fan who has heard the songs since I was a little kid.

After the first tune the band members all cheered and yelled out “get him a scholarship!” They’re going to send me a pep band shirt and make me an honorary member and they asked if I’d drop in and play a tune at each game! I said sure! So watch for me at the games on the drum kit!

I thought my normal seats on the 16th row were fine, but watching the game from 5 feet behind the basket was great. I could even hear Neville inhale when he made a big two handed slam. The view of the cheerleaders wasn’t too shabby either…