Utes head to TCU for the biggest game of the year

In my not so unbiased opinion UTAH WAS THE BEST & #1 TEAM IN THE COUNTRY LAST YEAR. This year however, that is not the case. Utah lost a ton of great players and coaches. We’re 7-1 right now, only loss by 7 to Oregon on their home field. Oregon has turned out to be pretty good.

But having watched every Ute home game from the 25th row, and all the road games, I think TCU has the potential to slaughter the Utes this time around. Our coach is a defensive guy, so we may be able to hold TCU’s offense down a bit. But offensively we’re not close to where we need to be and we’ll be starting a FRESHMAN QB for his first college road game of his career. The Utes have also been plagued with fumbles this season. At one point vs Air Force, we had more fumbles than 1st downs. If we do that against TCU we won’t win like we did vs some lesser teams. Not by a long shot.

It all points to TCU in my eyes even though I’m as big a Ute fan as there can be. But that’s why they play the games. You never know until it is over.

And I also must say how thrilled I was that TCU crushed my ever hated byu. I really like TCU and root for them any game except when they play my Utes.