Football Ute Talk

Fans like this give the rest of us a bad name

At halftime my new bride and I are sitting on the west steps of RES watching the sunset. We decide to go for a walk so we go down the large ramp toward the concessions behind the sound end zone. Half way down there’s a dude pissing on the wall. My wife, a NYC transplant, yells to the loser “what the hell are you doing?” I say “come on man, show a little class.” His half drunk response is “the lines are too long.”

Then behind us comes a mother/daughter. The daughter is maybe 8 or 9. They see this guy and the mother gives him hell too. The dude finishes, zips his pants up and actually starts getting in the grill of this mother.

I walk a few more feet and tap a cop on the shoulder and ask her to do something about this loser, and “she” follows him into the crowd. I didn’t see if the guy was ejected from the game or arrested or what. I sure hope he was.

This was a terribly disappointing event last night. This sort of thing simply should not happen in front of hundreds of people.

Memo to drunk aholes: If you’re too much of a loser to hold down your natty lights, stay home. We don’t need you.