Worst performance I’ve seen in years

Homecoming 2006. Utah has a chance to beat a “quality” team and prove that it belongs playing with the big boys and not the high school teams it’s been beating up on for the last 3 weeks. Instead, Utah loses to Boise State 36-3.

Utah put on the worst home performance I can remember since I started going to the games 30+ years ago. 8 passing completions and 4 interceptions. No defense, barring a couple of INT’s.

In the post game, all they could say was “we didn’t allow a sack.” A sack would have been better than throwing a cream puff interception inside your own 5 yard line to a lineman who runs it in for a TD.

Utah’s head coach seems to have no fire. The offensive coordinator is predictable and unimaginitive. In general our coaching is less than mediocre. I think the player’s poor performance is a reflection of the lack of discipline, fire and preparation from the coaching staff.

A buddy of mine is so pissed off he said he’s not going to another game this year. He’s had season tix for years.

At this point I’ll be amazed if Utah has a 50% winning percentage.