I don’t want this kind of player on my team.

The Ute men’s basketball team loses AT HOME to Southern Utah.

At last night’s debacle in the Hunstman center against SUU I saw something from a Ute player I haven’t seen since the Buster Metheney days. Mid 2nd half I saw Daniel Deane blatantly throw an elbow at an SUU player while running down court. He hit him very hard and I’m sure if the refs saw that they would have ejected him from the game.

A minute or so later the SUU player retaliated and that was called by the refs. Many boneheaded fans yelled about that call but didn’t see the first hit.

I’ve been hearing about how great of a player Daniel is but last night he looked like he was more concerned about huring somebody than winning the game.

I hope this isn’t the type of player Deane is and I hope Giac sees the film and straightens out that type of behavior pronto. I’d rather give my opponents pain with the scoreboard and not with cheap shots.